Can I play free slots online from anywhere

You can play free slots online from any part of the country as long as you have a PC that is connected to the internet. You should know that while you are playing free slots online, you are actually playing on a website and not on a physical casino.

There are some people who believe that one can play free games of slots only when they have got some special permission and then too that they need some dedicated hardware to play it.

This is all a cock and bull story and should not be believed by you. Just turn on your internet enabled PC and use your favorite search engine to search for the term `free and slots’ and you shall find thousands of results. Just visit any site that you feel like, select the free slot game of your choice on that site and start playing. There are no restrictions whatsoever as far as playing time or conditions are concerned.

However some sites might request you to register with them prior to playing free slots. However, this should not bother you too much since it takes only about 5 minutes or so to complete. Once this process is over, you can visit that particular site later on and shall not be asked to re-register again. You just need to use your user name and password that you had used while filling up the submission form. Playing free slots online is extremely easy.